Customer Testimonial: German Sheppard Dog was hit by car - Active Manuka Honey healed wounds all natural...

Hello Elaine

What are you suffering from?
Not me, but my dog Tessie actually. She was hit by a car in front of my house in August of 2006. She suffered a broken shoulder that the vet said would heal up just fine since she was young (5 months). Only after 2 months did I realize she couldn't feel all the way down her leg FROM the shoulder. Took her back to the vet and he said it was brachial plexus avulsion (nerve damage), and that I could possibly be hoping against hope for up to 3 years that she would regain use and wanted to amputate then and there.

I took my dog and ran. I do not have a lot of money and my two dogs are my children, so I've worked on her at this point up to the year mark and she now feels down to mid-leg. The biggest problem I've had is that with the nerve damage it's rather like neuropathy and the skin and nerves disassociate. Couple that with the pressure from having to wear a splint and some atrocious ulcers and wounds would come up.

I cannot tell you how many ointments and potions I've tried. I had a little success with ozonated olive oil but the Manuka Honey was like a miracle. I actually saw her wounds start "closing" the first day I put it on. 

What made you decide to look for a natural remedy?
I'm just a big believer in natural healing. It works for me and it's worked for my animals through the years. I had a great dane that lived to be 14 because of natural remedies and healing.

Do you remember which approximate keyword you were searching for online when you found us? "Manuka" was the keyword, because someone had posted about it on one of the umpteen Yahoo forums I subscribe to.

How did one or more of our products benefit you?
I just used the straight Active Manuka Honey and after our morning therapy, we smear some on and bandage. Tessie loves to lick the bit left on my finger. I had tried so many things so I admit I was a bit jaded and thought well lets see IF this will even work. When I took the bandage off that night I almost screamed...I told my boyfriend to come and look and we just marveled over it for about 15 minutes. I was stunned and it takes a lot to do that to me...ha!

How many hours, days or weeks did it take, before feeling or seeing a difference and noticing a positive effect on your condition?
I saw results the first night. Within that week the wound continued to close and now we have scar tissue with the occasional small wound but NOT oozing like it was. The Manuka Honey seems to keep it in check and it doesn't grow larger and larger like it used to. With the wearing of the splint, it still needs to be honeyed and cushioned,  until the nerves completely regenerate it will remain a delicate area and I will continue to use Manuka Honey until we hopefully regain use of her leg. 


I just can't tell you enough how incredible Manuka Honey is to me. As an interesting side note to you, I did run out of Manuka Honey and went into the 3 local health food stores here to see if they possibly carried it, and one man said to me in a rather snobby way, "well any honey will work."  I didn't even waste my energy to tell him I had tried quite a few regular honey's and no, they did NOT work for me. Until my Manuka Honey arrives, I'm just using a local dark honey and sure enough, the wound on the front of the leg has begun to sort of "open" back up again...nothing extremely bad but it just proves to me the difference between Manuka and other honey's.  Thank you so much for bringing such a great natural product to the U.S. Makes me want to move to New Zealand.

Tessie and I send many heartfelt thanks to you and this miraculous honey. WE LOVE MANUKA! I am off to order more now. I would be very proud and pleased to have you publish my testimony. I was hoping you would.
Very Sincerely, C. J. C. Bayfield, CO (near Durango)



Customer Testimonial: Cat with periodontal disease
HI! I have used your Manuka Honey for years for crohn’s disease and other challenges for myself
and my family. But recently, my Himalayan Cat had a serious tooth problem. He has periodontal disease that is really bad. His jaw and his side of the face was so swollen he wasn't eating....
I called the vet and
told her I wanted to try something natural - give me 36 hours and we'll see what it does. She agreed. Well I gave "Mickey" Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+, 1/2 tsp (he weighs 8 lbs) 3 x per day. His tooth was feeling better in 1 hour! He ate wet AND dry food! By the end of day - 24 hours, ALL SWELLING is gone and he is doing great! At 4 days, he is totally 100% fine!!!!! Happier than I've seen him in a long time.... keeping him on 1 tsp every few days to keep him healthy! S.K. Goshen IN


Customer Testimonial:  10 year old dog suffering from skin itchiness, scabies, mange, healed naturally with Active Manuka Honey

In March 2008, I took my Dog to the Vet, concerning a skin itchiness that started in January 2008 & progressively got worse. A Blood test showed that white platelets were low, (although it is noted there was clumping in lab test). My Dog was prescribed 20- 120mg Prednisone per day covering a four month period, along with 100 mg Doxycyclin 3 caps 2x a day, in addition to cephalexin 500 mg 2caps twice a day 14 day. Although the steroids defused itching, it actually made the condition worse, by not allowing the itching.

Side effects included:  sway back, joint swelling, elbows dried out, skin began to rip open, became like a diabetic wound, leaky bladder, excessive appetite and weight gain, tremendous increase of thirst and drinking water.  Loss of fur, skin turned black.  Loss of strength in hind legs, trouble standing up, not able to climb stair, general weakness. My dog would only lay on the blanket all day. Had to coax to go outside.  Wounds starting to take on a greenish tone. Because my dogs health was rapidly declining, I started looking for a natural remedy and asked God for directions on what to do. Doctor's were not worth the $ 2000 I had already paid them. Should have asked Him first.

I made my own honey bandages with your Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+. In just 1.5 weeks, the Active Manuka Honey bandages started to close wound. I took my dog to a different Vet, dog was diagnosed with scabies & consequently, mange. Discontinued Predisone, & Doxycyclin. Later discontinued Cephalexin. Have treated him (as well as the 3 cats) with 5 treatments so far of RX "Revolution", bathed twice a week with RX shampoo "Malaseb". Continued w/Manuka UMF 16+ bandages until wounds completely closed. Added fish oil to his diet, as well as 2 lbs of raw hamburger with 2oz of pure protein powder, and one raw egg. Recently added Gloucosamine/Chondroitin trying to heal the front elbows joints cartilage.

Please choose the photo's you would like.  I'm sending them all.  Dogs kind of camera shy now, he's apprehensive he may A:  Get another bath  or B:  Have to redo his bandages. My dog is feeling 100% better now.  Almost all his fur has grown back. He runs, barks, and plays again. He is 10 years old. I'm not really concerned re: his low platelet count. In summary, our family is ever grateful for your product. The second Vet could only suggest surgery to close the wounds. That was not going to be an option.  P.K. White Lake, MI

Hi Elaine

I wanted to thank you so much for the Manuka Honey that you had shipped to overnight for Saturday delivery. You might remember I ordered it to use on a rescued Italian Greyhound who was suffering from pressure sores after breaking a leg. The vet was thinking we would possibly have to put little Emma down due to the extent and spreading of the sores.


I am attaching pictures to show you what a difference the Manuka Honey made in just ONE NIGHT! The swelling has gone down enormously, there is no bleeding or oozing, the wounds are starting to close and look a nice healthy pink.

Emma even let me wash her sores with a sterile gauze pad without so much as a whimper or trying to pull her leg away. Previously, she would scream when the vet did a bandage change - the bandages came off bloody and crusty, Emma's skin would just peel off leaving more wounds.

The quality of the pictures is not great (my camera man is my 13 year old son), and I plan to submit more pictures to you as Emma heals - but I just had to show what a difference one night made with Manuka honey!

The pictures labeled day 1 and 2 are from doing honey bandages with local honey while I waited for the Manuka Honey to arrive. Day 3 pictures are after one night in a Manuka Honey bandage - the difference is amazing! The last picture Emma wanted me to send you so you could see what a happy girl you have made her.

Thank you SO much!

Today Emma had an appointment with the vet. Needless to say, the vet was AMAZED! In 4 days of using Manuka Honey, the first and largest sore has healed and closed 80%. Of the secondary sores only one remains, it is free of infection and has healthy granulation and tissue. The other secondary sores are gone and hair has already started to grow back! The vet still thinks this might have been a brown recluse spider bite as initially there had been necrosis around the wounds.

Of course, the necrosis is all gone as well. Emma's skin has firmed up (it had been peeling off prior to using Manuka Honey) we were able to fully scrub her leg without any problems. Our vet confided in me that she was dreading our appointment today, because she thought for sure we would be putting Emma down. She called in other vets and vet techs to see the incredible progress on Emma's leg - everyone was amazed. The vet even asked for your website and plans to order herself some Manuka Honey! A big THANK YOU! We can not thank you enough - you have saved Emma's life!

C. R. Longmont, CO

PS: Hi Elaine – Thank you so much for the free honey!  I will definitely be using it on any further wounds in our house.  I am attaching the last pictures of Emma – these are from last week. All of her wounds have completely healed and she is doing GREAT!  Thank you so much!

Dog Testimony: How Manuka Oil has helped Dog recover quickly from minor cuts, scratches, and tick bite infection.

'My dog responds very well to Manuka Oil. I apply it whenever he has a small cut, scratch or after the removal of a tick. His wounds close nicely within 24 hours...'
C.P. California

Cat Skin Condition:

My cat had a terrible skin condition - nothing seemed to help. Just one bath with the Royal Jelly Shampoo with some Manuka Oil mixed in it, and the cat's skin and fur are beautiful and healthy !!! Thank you once again for a great product. F.S. Lake Worth, Florida

Rabbit Ear Infection:

I raise rabbits. One of my rabbits caught an ear infection. I was reading about your Manuka Oil and was wondering if this may help my rabbit. I ordered some and applied 3-5 drops in the rabbits ear and lightly massaged the ear on the outside to help distribute the oil. After only 3 days, the infection was gone. I have more rabbits that may need this oil too, so I will keep it on hand. Thank you.
K.L. Newport, Oregon

Horse: infectious wound on shin cleared up quickly with Manuka Honey..

I was out riding with my horse and we jumped over some tree logs. One time my horse hesitated and somehow didn't quite jump high enough, scraping his shin on the tree log. At first I didn't pay much attention to it. But the wound which was about 4 inch long, got wider (about 1/2 inch) and more infected every day. I went to the vet and tried various products, but the wound just would not heal, it kept oozing liquids from the wound and it also smelled infectious. I researched online for a natural product and found your Manuka Honey. After only 2 days of applying the Manuka Honey to the infected wound, the infection cleared, new cells started to close the wound. After only 1 week, the shin wound was completely healed and the hair grew back normally. Wow man, this stuff is amazing!
J.T. Larimer, Wyoming


Dog: Acid Reflux relieved with Active Manuka Honey

My lab was suffering from constant acid reflux and was very uncomfortable. I found your website and saw that Active Manuka Honey is used for acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers, and other internal up-sets. So I figured if it works for humans, it could help my dog too. I put 1 teaspoon of Active Manuka Honey on a dog biscuit and gave it to my lab 3x a day. Within a couple of days, my dogs energy was back, he is back to normal eating and I don't see him suffering from the acid reflux anymore. What a turn-around!
M.S. Baltimore, Maryland

German Shepard: How Manuka Oil and Wound Cream helped heal lesions by his lymph nodes in his hind leg:

I have a German Shepard dog, He is about 9 years old and has lesions by his lymph nodes in his hind legs. I have been using the Manuka Oil and Wound Creme 18+ on them. It has shown major improvement. It is not all gone, but the lesions have decreased in size. I only hope that they go away. His lymph nodes have also decreased in size since they were swollen also. So far this natural treatment is the only thing I have found that works. I just wanted you to know, that your stuff does work !!!!!
D.E. Wheatfield, IN

Horse Farm using Manuka Oil and Manuka Honey

I have a horse farm in Kentucky and discovered your natural products on the internet. I keep the manuka oil on hand for minor insect stings, bites, scratches, rashes, skin irritations, minor infections, and I keep the manuka honey on hand for infectious open wounds. My horses respond very quickly to the natural healing powers of your products.
B.D. Lexington, Kentucky

Cat: Amputation was avoided regarding an advanced abscess on cat paw when using Manuka Honey Wound Care.

Last year I found a cat with an advanced abscess on her paw. It was so bad that antibiotics weren't getting the bacteria under control, that amputation was considered. My vet was more than willing to try the manuka honey wound care. The product worked very quickly and my vet was so amazed how quickly the abscess healed and the fur grew back very rapidly. I am happy to report that the cat recovered fully and is running on all fours !!F.S. Lake Worth, Florida

Sheep Ear Infection cleared with Manuka Oil:

I keep sheep. I found that one of my sheep contracted an ear infection. I heard about Manuka Oil, so I bought some from you and applied a couple of drops of manuka oil into the ear where the infection was. After only a couple of days, the infection as cleared. I was surprised how fast it worked!
A.L. Denver, Colorado

How to apply Active Manuka Honey to any type of wound?

Active Manuka Honey is applied to burns, wounds, ulcers, sores, surgical scars, decubitus sores (bed sores), diabetic leg and foot ulcers, amputation stump wounds and other MRSA and VRE staph infected wounds. Gently wash the wound with a saline solution. Apply Active Manuka Honey to a sterile gauze, similar like spreading honey onto a toast, not too much and not too little. Then apply the gauze with the honey attached to the wound. Apply 2-3 additional layers of gauze on top of the first gauze layer, in order to help soak up excess body fluid and honey. Secure gauze around the edges with skin friendly paper tape to keep the gauze in place.

Change the Active Manuka Honey Wound Dressing once every 24 hours in the evening. Again gently wash the wound with a saline solution and apply the next honey dressing, until the wound is completely healed.

If a wound has a mal odor, it is infected. Once you start applying Active Manuka Honey to a wound, you can expect the mal odor to subside within 5-10 days, depending on the size and depth of the wound, that is about how long it takes to help clear up the infection. Next you will notice that the wound will appear less and less deep. Then you should start to see healthy pink skin form around the edges of the wound and last you’ll notice the edges of the wound shrinking in size, until the wound is completely healed.

We recommend that you document the wound healing progress by taking good, sharp clear digital photos with good lighting. Take a photo about every 3-4 days or more, depending on how fast the wound is healing. When you submit the wound photos to us, and with your permission to publish the photos online at, we will send you a reward including free shipping. By submitting your photo story to us, you will help other people by encouraging them to give this medicinal honey a try.


How to apply Active Manuka Honey to any type of wound, burn, ulcer, sore, diabetic leg and foot ulcer, amputation stump wound or fresh surgical scar.

 CLICK the following link to view Active Manuka Honey Wound Care

Active Manuka Honey has been researched over 25 years by Dr. Peter Molan (Waikato University, New Zealand). Dr. Molan has found that Active Manuka Honey naturally seems to destroy, staphaureus, streptococcus, h. pylori (helicobacter pylori, the stomach ulcer causing bacteria), as well as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph Auereus) and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci) staph infections.

Active Manuka Honey has helped thousands of people heal wounds naturally, after antibiotic ointments, cortisone creams and silver treatments have failed...

Active Manuka Honey with a MEDIUM strength UMF Range between UMF 16-18 is also used for gastro-intestinal disorders such as acid reflux, heartburn, esophagitis, gastritis, upset stomach, stomach ulcer (h. pylori), duodenal ulcers. Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ helps to naturally regulate bowel movements if bothered with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), massive weight loss, loss of appetite and mild forms of diverticulitis.

UMF is a registered Trademark and stands for "Unique Manuka Factor", the factor or enzyme contained in Active Manuka Honey that acts like a "natural antibiotic".

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